Customised PopOut

An innovative solution in the service of your communication department

PopOut personnalisable


A print innovation that is patented and award-winning, self-folding available in several models. This gorgeously-designed are produced exclusively for clients who wish to customise a map with the maximum impact.

ORIGINAL: Product Launch
ELEGANT: Promotion
LIGHT: Customer Loyalty Management
RESISTANT: Sales Promotion
INNOVATIVE: Professional Meetings

Printing: on the average between 4 and 12 weeks, depending on the place of printing (Great Britain or Asia)
Delivery: included in the price to one place in Paris-Ile de France
Pricing: the final price depends on the model, the quantity and the selected finish

Where Paris offer expertise, relationships and multi-platform products as part of a cohesive and integrated communication strategy. We can create bespoke content and packaging on any platform and in any style, creating a total environment in which your brand can reach its market. Put Where Paris’s skill and expertise to work for your brand!

PopOut Map for les Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen,
the Paris Flea Market


PopOut Map for the ADP’s Group,
previously the Airports of Paris

PopOut personnalisable
An innovative and bespoke solution for your communication and marketing needs

PopOut Guerlain
Popout ADP
Popout Panerai
Popout Pandora
Popout Les Puces de Paris
Popout Shangri-La Hotel
Popout Paris Saint-Germain
Popout Red Carpet
Popout SLS Las Vegas


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PopOut personnalisable_Style A
PopOut personnalisable_Style B
PopOut personnalisable_Style C
PopOut personnalisable_Style C Open
PopOut personnalisable_Style D


Popout® Maps are a best-selling range of pocket-sized city maps with over 100 title destinations

PopOut international villes
PopOut international villes
Popout international
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