Map of Paris in Japanese-French

The only map in Paris where you can localise your brand or your boutique

Map of Paris Japanese-French

Our group being the owner of FBS (the leader in Greater Paris in the distribution of flyers for tourists) we control our maps from the printing process to distribution.

The Japanese edition of the Where® Paris Map is especially geared for Japanese tourists visiting Paris. The map will accompany them throughout their stay and will enable you to generate traffic to your venue and to be visible to this Japanese clientele.

Launching: 2013
Circulation: 100,000 copies/year
Duration: 1 year (April 2020 to March 2021)
Bilingual Advertising: Japanese and French
Format: 8,7 x 21,2 cm (6 folds) /Map of Paris + Subway/RER/tramway Map


  • Frequently visited hotels by Japanese tourists
  • JCB Offices, Inbound Travel Agencies
  • International Lounge at Printemps Haussmann



Artwork deadline: March 2nd

Plan de Paris Japonais
Plan de Paris Japonais
  • 76% of the Japanese devote themselves to discovering the city
  • 27% of the Japanese devote their time to shopping
  • 38% travel on their own, 23% in family, 13% in couple
  • Average stays: 5.5 nights
  • 72% stay in a hotel / 31% in an luxury hotel
  • 41% are coming to Paris for the first time
  • 58% have already been to Paris
  • 88% are satisfied with their stay in Paris

(Figures: The regional Tourism Office of Greater Paris, 2018)



Maps are a vital source of information and can play a crucial role in supporting any campaign.


We can customise our maps by design and content and of course location, making sure you have full control over the areas covered and indexed. As well as advertising, our maps are infinitely customisable.
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