Where Paris publishes maps of Paris and PopOuts (luxury 3D maps)

Where Paris is one of the leading operators in this domain in the Greater Paris region. Despite maps on smartphones, physical maps remain an indispensable part of a visitor’s armoury. We know this because we distribute a staggering 2.6 million maps a year.
Plans de Paris
Map of Paris English-French


Annuel edition

Launching: 2008
Circulation: 2,5 millions copies/year

Map of Paris Chinese-French


Annuel edition

Launching: 2012
Circulation: 50,000 copies/year


Plan de Paris Japonais-Français


Annuel edition

Launching: 2013
Circulation: 100,000 copies/year

Map of Paris - Printemps Advertising Space

Printemps Advertising Space

Annuel edition

Launching: 2009
Circulation: 1,5 million copies/year

PopOut Chinese

PopOut Chinese

Annuel edition

Launching: 2013
Circulation: 5,000 copies/year

Customised PopOut

Customised PopOut

Custom publishing

Patented product
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Maps are a vital source of information and can play a crucial role in supporting any campaign. We can customise our maps by design and content and of course location, making sure you have full control over the areas covered and indexed. As well as advertising, our maps are infinitely customisable.

Custom Maps
Custom Maps

To complement its traditional maps in print, Where Paris offers to tourists and hotelkeepers a map visible on a smartphone that does not require any type of preliminary installation


It is like the printed maps but in digital format. It has been conceived specifically for tourists and is filled with plenty of cultural information
Custom Maps
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