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A practical guide lifestyle for Russian-speaking visitors

With major purchasing power, Russian-speaking visitors seek out exceptional places in France. In Where Paris Russian Edition discover our editorial line conceived with the expectations of the lovers of luxury, shopping, art and outings in mind. It is printed in a luxury compact format.

ANNUAL EDITION: 20,000 copies/year (July 2018 to June 2019)
SIZE: 19 x 26 cm (perfect binding)
NB OF PAGES: 96 + 4 (covers)


  • Dossier Where Now selection: Chic trends
  • Jewelery, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, spas…
  • Gastronomy, wine, a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Culture, art, attractions
  • Tourism & Leisure features


  • 240 hotels where Russian-speaking visitors stay during their trip to France: PARIS, MONACO, NICE, CANNES, SAINT-TROPEZ, MARSEILLE & PROVENCE, COURCHEVEL & MEGÈVE
  • Limousine companies, yachts, heliports and private airports
  • The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Paris, The Paris Tourism Office

Where Paris produces 3 high-end foreign language titles. They offer original content created by the Paris editors and translated by native speakers into English, simplified Chinese and Russian.


Paris, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Marseille & Provence, Courchevel & Megève


Artwork deadline: May 10th, 2019

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Where Paris is the media partner of the Clefs d’Or (Golden Keys) Association of France

The hotel concierges founded the Clefs d’Or Association in Paris in 1929 and now the association is present in over 42 countries, that groups 430 concierges from 150 of the most prestigious hotels in France. In direct contact with clients of luxury hotels, the Clefs d’Or concierges do the best to make sure that their clients’ sojourn is as perfect as possible, assuring an excellent personalised service.


“Our Russian clients greatly appreciate the edition of Where Paris in their mother tongue, it is teeming with high quality, pertinent information to help them during their journey in our capital.”

Jean-Charles CORMIER
Head Concierge, Hôtel Westminster

“I have been reading Where Paris for nearly ten years now. I recommend it not only to my clients but also to my fellow concierges because it is an indispensable source of information for visiting Paris. Its addresses for fashion, culture and gastronomy add up to a complete monthly magazine, which is constantly updated. Thank-you Where Paris.”

Alexandre GRECO
Head Concierge, Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal

“Where Paris is an indispensable magazine for international tourists looking for Parisian discoveries. But it is also a source of information that Parisian concierges use to enhance their knowledge and to discover new things. Where Paris accompanies us on a daily basis.”

David Volet
Head Concierge, Hôtel Regina

  • Russian speakers spend 2,356,000 nights in Paris
  • 96.6% travel on their own
  • 52.6% are coming to Paris for the first time
  • 47.4% have already been to Paris
  • 94.7% are satisfied with their stay in Paris
  • 56% would like to return to Paris
  • They stay on the average 5.7 nights in Paris
  • There is a strong increase in visitors to Paris who speak Russian but who are not Russian, for example the number of visas issued to Azeris increased by 50% in 2016
  • 76% of Russians stay in hotels or residential hotels according to the regional tourist office of Greater Paris in 2016
  • Russians are especially attracted to brands and are prepared to pay for them. The Russian luxury traveler is typically a young businessman with an average age of 44
  • Did you know that the countries where the most Russian-speaking people are found are Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine?

Figures: The regional Tourism Office of Greater Paris, 2016

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